Privacy policy

  1. General information.
    1. The service owner of is InField International Ltd., International House 24, Holborn Viaduct, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 2BN.
    2. InField International Ltd. processes the personal data of users of the service to the company InField Group Sp. z o.o., Lipinskiego 17 Street, Cracow, Poland, which is responsible for the marketing of the service, customer service and the administration of the portal. No personal data is shared to other parties without explicit permission from the user.
    3. The service collects information about uses and their behavior in the following way:
      1. Through voluntarily shared information in the forms on the portal
      2. Through transferring cookie files to the user’s computer
      3. Through gathering hosting server logs
  2. Privacy policy regarding forms on the portal
    1. The service collects information voluntarily shared by the user in forms, especially: e-mail addresses, names, telephone numbers and brokerage accounts IDs.
    2. The service may also collect information about the connection parameters (time of the connection, IP)
    3. No data is processed to the third parties, except for the company, InField Group Sp. z o.o, without an explicit permission of the user
    4. The data collected in the forms can be a base of potential clients registered by the service owner.
    5. The data from the forms are processed in the way which depends on the function of the particular form, especially as a contact details information, or for marketing purposes.marketingowych.
    6. The personal data shared in forms can be shared to the entities providing technical support for InField International Ltd.,
    7. The public data which is shared voluntarily when completing users’ profile, such as name and surname, is publicly visible on the portal to other service users.
    8. The service does not publicly share personally identifiable information, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and trading accounts identification numbers.
  3. Privacy policy regarding cookie files.
    1. The service is using cookie files.
    2. Cookie files (cookies) are computer data, in particular text files, that are stored in the computer of the user of the service by the Internet browser. These files contain service domain, the time in which those files are stored on the computer and unique identification numbers.
    3. The service owner stores and has an access to the cookie files on the computer of the user.
    4. Cookie files are processed in the following purposes:
      1. For statistics, which allows the service owner understand users behavior and to improve the service and user’s experience.
      2. To keep the users logged in to the portal, without the necessity to log in each time they visit the portal
      3. To determine user’s profile in order to display matched material, in particular with the purpose of targeted advertisements
    5. The service is using two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored in the computer of the user until he logs out of the service, leaves the website of the service or switches of the Internet Browser. Persistent cookies are stored in the computer of the user for the time specified in the parameters of the cookie file or until their removal by the user.
    6. Web browsing software (Internet browser) is usually accepting cookie files by default and allows for storing those files in the computer of the user. Users of the service can change the settings of the Internet browser in regard of cookie files and the user can also forbid the browser to use cookies. In order to change those settings, the user should read the instruction of the Internet browser he uses.
    7. Forbidding cookie files from the service on the computer users can affect some functionalities of the service.
    8. Cookie files stored in the computer of the user can be also used by the services which cooperate with the service owner and service owner partners, especially for the purpose of advertising.
    9. The service recommends reading the privacy policy of the Google Analitics service, which is used by the service.
    10. Cookie files may be used by advertising and marketing networks, in particular Google AdWords service, in order to create matching advertising and marketing campaigns. Those services may also collect data regarding users’ navigation of the service.
    11. In regards of the information collected by the Google, the user can view and information about him resulting from using cookie files by using the tool available on the website
  4. Server logs
    1. The information regarding particular user’s behavior are stored on the server of the service. Those data is used only for administration purposes and for maintaining the highest possible quality of the hosting service.
    2. The content viewed by the user is identified by URL addresses he visits within the service. The server can also collect data regarding:
      1. Request time
      2. Answer time
      3. Name of client’s working station – identification by the HTTP protocol
      4. Information about errors which occurred while transferring HTTP data
      5. URL of the page previously viewed by the user (referrer link) if the user visited the service by using a hyperlink.
      6. Information about user’s web browser
      7. Information about user’s IP address
    3. The data above is not assigned directly to particular users visiting the service.
    4. The data above is used and processed only for the purpose of service administration.
  5. Processing of the data.
    1. The service owner, which is InField International Ltd. processes the personal data of users of the service to the company InField Group Sp. z o.o., Lipinskiego 17 Street, Cracow, Poland, which is responsible for the marketing of the service, customer service and the administration of the portal. No personal data is shared to other parties without explicit permission from the user.
    2. The data collected by the service can only be shared with third parties within the limits legally permitted by the appropriate law.
    3. Personally identifiable information is shared only with explicit permission of the user of the service.
    4. The service owner may be obliged to provide information collected by the service to legally authorized authorities to comply with the lawful request to the extend resulting from the request.
  6. Managing cookie files
    1. If the user do not want to receive cookie files, he can change settings of his web browser. In some cases, disabling cookie files may result in the way that some functions of the service will not be working properly.
    2. In order to manage cookie files in your browser, read the instructions of your browser.
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